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The UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform

The Silk Roads have connected civilizations and brought peoples and cultures into contact with each other from across the world for thousands of years, permitting not only an exchange of goods but an interaction of ideas and cultures that has shaped our world today.  In the light of this enduring legacy, the UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform revives and extends these historic networks in a digital space, bringing people together in an ongoing dialogue about the Silk Roads in order to foster a mutual understanding of the diverse and often inter-related cultures that have sprung up around them.

Silk Road Online Platform International Network

The first meeting of the UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform International Network will take place in Xi’an, China, on May 22-25 2015, organised in partnership with the Tang West Market Cultural Industries Investment Group, and jointly hosted by the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, the City of Xi’an and the Tang West Market Group.

Led by Mr Lv Jianzhong, Chairman and founder of Tang West Market Group, this high-level assembly will bring together the designated representatives of 24 countries to the International Network of Silk Roads. This first meeting will enable robust international exchange on the experiences and good practices on the Silk Roads and enhance cooperation among members of the Network.

International Network Country Focal Points

In order to ensure the full participation of various partners in the UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform, an International Network of Silk Roads Focal Points was put in place. Around forty five countries along the Silk Roads were contacted by UNESCO to designate a focal point for this project. Twenty four governments have designated a Focal point to participate actively in and follow-up the activities of the project. This Network is expected to facilitate the collection and selection of pertinent Silk Roads data in Member States for integration into the Platform.

Its members are also expected to coordinate activities in their respective countries and ensure exchanges of information and experiences on the Silk Roads with other Focal points.

Online Platform International Network concept note

Background / 背景资料
Following its Orient-Occident initiative (1957-1966), UNESCO launched in 1988 a ten year project, entitled “Integral Study of the Silk Roads, Roads of Dialogue (1988-1997)”, to explore the cultural interactions, common heritage and plural identities that emerged and developed along the historical Silk Roads. Five major scientific expeditions were undertaken: