Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce(SRCIC), is a non-profit and non-political international commercial organization jointly initiated and founded in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by the chamber’s of commerce of the countries along the Silk Road and the Tang West Market Group, whose chairman of the board is the vice-president of China Chamber of International Commerce.

In the social background of national strategy of constructing the Silk Road Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (hereafter referred to as “one belt and one road”), Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce
was brought out. With the concept of openness, inclusiveness and development and the vision of globalization, SRCIC will build a service platform and cooperation mechanism of equality, efficiency and pragmatism. Focusing on the strategy of “one belt and one road” and the development demands of the member company, SRCIC will create a new model and a new platform of international and external exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, adhering to the principle of consultation, jointly build and sharing.

The foundation of SRCIC is a joint initiative by international chamber of commerce of the countries along the Silk Road. It is a strong echo to the construction of “one belt and one road” and it is based on, but not limited to the scope of the ancient Silk Road. In the future, each country can develop a branch of SRCIC, and the SRCIC will organize annual international summits, forums, seminars, fairs and other activities that every branch can attend. Through cooperation and communication, forum and exhibition, personnel training, investigation and visits and other activities, SRCIC aims to promote trade, cooperation and cultural exchanges among countries. SRCIC will adhere to harmony and inclusiveness, advocate civilization and tolerance, respect the development path and model of each country along the Silk Road, enhance dialogue among civilizations, so that the outcome of jointly constructing the Silk Road will benefit broader area and more people.

The foundation of SRCIC has caused a positive response from countries along the Silk Road. Now it has reached a consensus with more than 20 countries’ international chamber of commerce. As founders of SRCIC, those chambers will attend the founding ceremony of SRCIC held in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China at the end of 2015. At the same time, they and SRCIC will become mutual group members, and they will enjoy the favorable opportunities of investment and cultural tourism which are embodied in the development of Silk Road. SRCIC and its members will cooperate in areas of infrastructure, interconnection, industrial investment, resource development, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, ecological protection and cooperation on the sea and other areas. They will also work together to promote the establishment of a positive, open, efficient, and convenient economic channel, so as to create an opportunity and platform of common prosperity and regional economic cooperation among countries along the Silk Road.

Tenets of SRCIC: Peace and Cooperation, Openness and Inclusiveness, Mutual Learning, Mutual Benefits, All wins.

Mission of SRCIC

  • To determine the overall developing vision and action plan of economic and trade development and cultural revival of the Silk Road; to boost the economic and social development of the state members and the countries along the Silk Road.
  • To inherit and promote the Silk Road Spirit; to establish a new communication platform for governments, international organizations, financial agencies and leaders in relevant industries.
  • To closely follow the new world economy trend of Internet Plus Action Plan, and eliminate obstacles and barriers of cross-border economic and trade activities; to adhere to the principle of peace, development, mutual benefits and altogether wins; to promote the establishment and perfection of market economy system in regions along the Silk Road and the world.
  • To provide state members and relevant agencies with high-quality and efficient information and services regarding trade, investment, finance and culture.
  • To assist members and governments, departments, institutions of the countries along the Silk Road to establish cooperation.
  • To enhance international exchange and cooperation from multi-cultures and multi-perspectives between its members.