Chapter One  General Principles

Article 1. The name of the chamber of commerce is Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (hereinafter referred to as “SRCIC”),which goes by acronym SRCIC.

Article 2. SRCIC is an international nonprofit social organization which promotes the Silk Road revival and engages in the international trade, business communication, investment cooperation and other business and culture activities.

Under the leadership of SRCIC, countries along the Silk Road could set up its local chamber of commerce according to the articles of this constitution.

Article 3. Objectives of SRCIC: Peace and Cooperation, Openness and Inclusiveness, Mutual Learning, Mutual Benefits and Win-win Results.

Article 4. SRCIC follows the international conventions; respects each member’s national customs and religious faith; does not get involved or take part in any political activities.

SRCIC accepts business guidance and supervision by local government.

Article 5.  Headquarter of SRCIC: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

Chapter Two  Business

Article 6.  Mission and Business scope of SRCIC:

  1. To establish development vision and action plan for trade, economic development and cultural renaissance of the Silk Road. To promote economic and social development in the membership countries along the Silk Road.
  2. To inherit and carry forward the Silk Road spirit, and to build a new platform for governments, international organizations, financial institutions and business leaders to communicate.
  3. To follow the new noraml of world economy of “ Internet Plus Action Plan”, establish the platform of network information, eliminate obstacles and barriers of cross-border economic and trade activities, adhere principles of peace, development, mutual benefits and win-win results between countries, and promote establishment and consummation of Silk Road regions’ and global economic system.
  4. To provide high-quality and efficient information and services of trade, investment, finance and culture for member states and relevant organizations.
  5. To assist cooperative relationship between each member government and institution along the Silk Road and to promote world peace and international friendship.
  6. To promote multicultural and international exchanges and cooperation between members.

Chapter Three  Membership

Article 7.  Types of SRCIC membership: group, enterprise and individual members.

Article 8.  To apply to join SRCIC membership, one shall fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Support the Constitution of SRCIC and voluntarily join the SRCIC.
  2. Have a certain influence in the industry and the international relevant fields.
  3. No bad record on integrity, environment protection and social responsibility in the local areas.
  4. Recommendation from a national association.

Article 9.  Application process:

  1. Submit an application form.
  2. Submit a recommendation letter by a local association
  3. Discuss through the Council of SRCIC, and the secretariat will issue the member certificate.

Article 10.  Members enjoy the following rights:

  1. The right to elect, stand for election and vote.
  2. priority to attend various activities held by SRCIC.

3.Obtain the priorities and preferential rights of SRCIC services.

  1. Rights of critic suggests and supervision of SRCIC’s work.
  2. Voluntarily join or disjoin the membership.

Article 11.  Members shall perform the flowing obligations:

  1. In accordance with the Constitution of SRCIC.
  2. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests and reputation of SRCIC.
  3. Carry out resolutions and decisions of SRCIC.
  4. Pay membership fees by rule.

Article 12.  The member who wants to remove its membership: shall send a written notice to SRCIC, and its membership will be terminated immediately. If a member fails to fulfill its obligations for one year, it will be withdraw from membership automatically.

Article 13.  If there is a serious violation of Constitution or actions causing bad reputation to SRCIC, the member will be removed after the council vote, and SRCIC will pursue its relevant legal responsibility.

Chapter Four  Organization and Person in charge

Article 14.  SRCIC establishes the member representative assembly, council, Presidium. The chamber sets up 3 honorary chairmen, several honorary vice chairmen, several honorary consultants; 1 chairman, several vice chairmen, 1 executive vice chairman, 1 secretary-general, several vice secretary-general.

Article 15. The member representative assembly is the supreme authority of SRCIC, the function and power is:

  1. Prepare and modify the Constitution.
  2. Elect and remove directors.
  3. Deliberate and pass membership dues management measures, formulate and modify the membership fee standards.
  4. Determine work principles, tasks and plans of SRCIC.
  5. Follow the council’s work report and financial report.
  6. Discuss the important matters and make decisions.
  7. Decide termination issues.
  8. Decision shall be decided by SRCIC member representatives assembly of other major issues.

Article 16. Members congress is held every three year only when over 2/3 member representatives to attend, and its resolution shall come into force only adopted by the members represent more than half of the meeting.

Article 17. Council is the executing agency of the member representative assembly and responsible for the member representative assembly.

Article 18.  Authority of the council:

  1. Carry out the decisions made by the member representative assembly.
  2. Elect and recall president, vice president, secretary general, executive directors and directors.
  3. Make preparation for the member representative conference.
  4. Public the financial report and work report.
  5. Decide the establishment, modification and cancellation of offices, branches, representative offices and entities
  6. Decide members absorption and removal.
  7. Decide to absorb the new director under the special circumstances.
  8. Decide appointment of deputy secretary general and principal of each institution.
  9. Lead each institution to carry out work.
  10. Formulate the internal management system.
  11. Decide issues authorized by the member representative assembly.

Article 19. Board meeting held at least once a year, it can be sponsored by the chamber of council members. Council shall be held only when 2/3 directors to attend, and its resolution shall come into force only adopted by 2/3 vote of the present directors.

Article 20.  SRCIC establishes the executive council. The executive council elected by the council, the number of the executive council is not more than 1/3 directors of  the council.

Article 21.  The executive council shall be convened at least half a year once, under special circumstances, that can be held in the form of communication. Study and promote the organization of major events.

Article 22.  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive vice chairman, Secretary-general in term of 3 years, be re-elected consecutively.

Article 23.  Chairman of SRCIC shall exercise the following authorities:

  1. Convened and presided over the member representative assembly, the council and the executive board
  2. Check workable situation of member representative assembly, the council and the executive board.

Article 24.  SRCIC secretary general shall exercise the following authorities:

  1. Under the leadership of Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman , host departments to carry out the daily work and organize the implementation of the annual plan.
  2. Coordinate the branches, representative offices and entities to carry out work.
  3. Nominate deputy secretary general and office principals, hand in the council or the executive council to decision.
  4. Decide staff employment of offices, branches, representative offices, entities of full-time staffs.
  5. Handle other daily routine.

Chapter Five  Finance and Assets Management

Article 25.  Fundraising of SRCIC

  1. Membership fees.
  2. Donation.
  3. Government funding.
  4. carry out business activities and service charge within the range approved.
  5. Other legitimate income.

Article 26.  SRCIC charges according to international practice.

Article 27.  The expenditure of SRCIC is used for all the business scope and business development as prescribed in the articles of the Constitution. In the distribution of members is not allowed.

Article 28.  SRCIC shall comply with the internationally recognized accounting standards and financial regulations.

Article 29.  With qualified accounting personnel, SRCIC manages financial accounting personnel in accordance with law and regulations of the government where the headquarter locates.

Article 30.  SRCIC asset management subjects to supervision of the general assembly.

Article 31. SRCIC asset, any unit or individual shall not misappropriate, embezzle or divert.

Article 32.  SRCIC full-time staff salary and welfare treatment can consult headquarters’ regulation then be passed by the executive council to execution.

Chapter Six  Amendment of the Constitution

Article 33.  Amendment of the Constitution must be approved by the council and examined and deliberated under discussion of the member representative assembly.

Chapter Seven  Termination

Article 34.  when SRCIC completes its mission and purposes, it dissolved itself, or when there is need of termination because of merging and demerging. It’s the Council that proposes for termination.

Article 35.  Before termination of SRCIC, it should under the guidance of registering government , set up a liquidation organization which will settle claims and debts and deal with aftermath in accordance with international practices, local government laws and regulations. In the course of liquidation, the business out of liquidation cannot be carried out.

Article 36.  The residual property after SRCIC expiration, under the supervision of the Council and registrating administration, in accordance with relevant provisions, will be used for the charity.

Chapter Eight Supplementary Provisions

Article 37.  Working languages of SRCIC are Chinese, English and Russian. In case there are contradictions between, as expressed in a variety of languages, expressions shall prevail in Chinese.

Article 38.  On February  ,2015, the Constitution is voted through by the Council at the founding meeting of SRCIC.

Article 39.  The power of interpretation of the Constitution belongs to the council of SRCIC.

Article 40.The Constitution shall come into effect from the date of public announcement.