Dear Global Chamber and Business leaders,

The Tang West Market Group, a business and cultural leader in Silk Road developments, is proud to announce the establishment of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC).

The new Chamber will facilitate participation in the massive ‘Silk Road and Belt’ initiative, launched by China’s President Xi Jinping to foster economic growth in the 40 countries along the Silk Road, home to more than 3 billion people in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This 21st century trade and investment initiative based on the ancient Silk Road trade route includes enterprises and investors from around the globe.

As a business organization, the SRCIC brings together members from all industry sectors and regions of the world. Its primary aims are:

  • Fostering economic growth and investment in the Silk Road Belt region.
  • Contributing to the harmonious growth and freedom of international commerce.
  • Promoting international trade, services and investment.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting new Chamber here and to discover the Tang West Market Group in this video:

TWMG’s Five Silk Projects

In support of the call to “jointly build the Silk Road Economic Zone”, TWMG is also working with the International Chamber of Commerce, UNESCO, the China Chamber of International Commerce and other partners to build the Five Silk Projects. The Five Silk Projects’ investment pillars include: the Online Silk Road, the Silk Road International Museum City, the Silk Road Expo Park, the Silk Road Culture Street and the Silk Road Cultural Innovation Project.

Join us in these international initiatives by business and governments to support and amplify China’s “Belt and Road” investment, to optimize communication and trade channels, develop transportation corridors and infrastructure, and strengthen cultural links through revival of the ancient Silk Road.

Let’s talk Silk Road business.

Mr Lv Jianzhong
Chairman, Tang West Market Group

Nurturing culture through business and promoting business through culture. 

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