TWMG’s signature Five Silk Projects support and amplify China’s “Belt and Road” initiative and its massive investment to optimize communication and trade channels, develop transportation corridors and infrastructure, and strengthen friendship between the peoples of China and the 3 billion people living in the 40 Silk Road countries of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

We are proud to present the driving forces and investment pillars of the unique Five Silk Projects.


The Silk Road ‘Online’

The Online Silk Road is a joint initiative of the Tang West Market Group and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC). It aims to connect and foster business, trade, culture and tourism through a cross-border, e-commerce platform linking the 40 Silk Road countries. TWMG has partnered with UNESCO and the International Chamber of Commerce to collaborate in the promotion of the cultural and business capacities of the Online Silk Road.

Silk Road International Museum City

The Silk Road International Museum City project, a multi-faceted development of Silk Road related commerce, tourism and cultural institutions is under development in Xi’an, China, by the Tang West Market Group. The Museum City will include:

  • The Shaanxi Archaeological Museum
  • Chinese and international artists’ studios
  • An international performing arts centre
  • An all-inclusive exhibition hall
  • Culture and commerce streets
  • Hotels
  • Open air performance areas

The Silk Road International Museum City will provide a platform for business, communication, innovation and entertainment to be shared by nations of the Silk Road and beyond.


Silk Road Expo Park

This initiative is the first international permanent expo park showcasing the trade, commerce, culture and development of the Silk Road Economic Belt and Road countries. Jointly hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce, the Tang West Market Group and the Xi’an Ecological Management Committee, the expo park hosts more than 40 national pavilions, providing a platform for the diverse business, trade and cultural resources of the countries along the Silk Road.

The Expo Park builds on President Xi Jinping’s call to develop major economic and trade industrial parks as platforms to build several international economic cooperation corridors.


Silk Road Culture Street

This unique pedestrian street in the heart of Xi’an’s ancient West Market, showcases the customs, history and culture of 22 countries along the ancient Silk Road. Visitors can ‘walk through the Silk Road’ in just a few hours, appreciating art, revisiting history and experiencing the special food, music and traditions of the many countries featured here.


The Silk Road Cultural Innovation Project

The Silk Road Cultural Innovation Project is comprised of three pillars – academic research, artistic creation and innovative industries.

Academic research will provide evidence for decision-making in project implementation and cooperation among Silk Road countries.

The Tang West Market Group Cultural Institute will partner with domestic and international institutions, experts and scholars to carry out systematic research and publish works on the politics, economy, history, culture and geography of the countries along the Silk Road and to hold an international Silk Road symposium.

Artistic creation will flourish with the Colored Drawing Silk Road, an ambitious cultural communication activity brought to life by the Ten Thousand Mile Journey of China’s famous artists along the Silk Road. Using artistic creation to open the windows of world communication, the Colored Drawing Silk Road is a demonstration of Chinese culture “going global”.

The project is under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture, the Tang West Market Group, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and China Artists Association. It is an art demonstration project of Chinese culture “going global”.

Innovative industries will showcase how “culture creates values, industry realizes dreams”, supporting cultural products in film, television, animation and performance art, themed on the Silk Road. A living example of this is the “Silk Road Twin-city Concert”, the Tang West Market Group’s renowned annual musical event. Innovative national cultural products promoting the Silk Road spirit will encourage cultural exchanges and enhance mutual trust and understanding.