The Tang West Market Group brings together diverse organizations and interests active in the cultural industries, including museums, historical sites, tourism and commercial developments throughout China.

Headquartered in the vibrant business centre of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, TWMG employs 2,000 staff, manages assets valued at CNY 40 billion (approx. USD 8 billion) and implements projects throughout China. Currently expansion into the European arena is a major priority, led by initiatives in Italy and France.

The company takes its name from the renowned Tang West Market in Xi’an, (formerly Chang’an), the capital of China over 13 Dynasties. Under the Tang Dynasty, from 681-907 AD, the Silk Road reached its apogee as a conduit for trade and culture between countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. As its starting point in China, Xi’an and its West Market were at the heart international trade over centuries. TWMG has restored the original market, on its historical site and created a unique museum, as part of a CNY 10 million development that continues the West Market tradition of business and culture.


The company’s core development projects focus on the 21st century Silk Road Economic Belt, established as a priority by China’s President Xi Jinping. The goals are to facilitate trade, sustainable development, and connectivity among the 3 billion people living in the 40 Silk Road countries of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In support of President Xi’s proposal to “jointly build the Silk Road Economic Zone”, TWMG is working with the International Chamber of Commerce, UNESCO, the China Chamber of International Commerce, the UN World Tourism Organization and other partners to build the Five Silks Project: an international initiative by business and governments to promote trade and development through revival of the ancient Silk Road.

As TWMG’s signature initiative the Five Silk Projects encompasses the Online Silk Road; the Silk Road International Expo Park; the Silk Road Commerce, Tourism and Culture Exposition; and the Silk Road Cultural and Academic Research Institute. The Five Silks Project is recognized internationally as a model private enterprise initiative, combining culture and business to promote the sustainable growth of both.