Today’s thriving Tang West Market was built on the restored historical site of the original market.  The initial phases of the TWMG project included careful archaeological exploration. One result was the unearthing of treasures and artefacts from the ancient market. These have been assembled in a museum on the site, providing a unique historical representation of East-West trade over centuries.

The Tang West Market development is unique in China and in the world, for combining modern facilities for trade, business, arts and culture on a historical site of international importance. The project is recognised by UNESCO’s and included on its list of humanity’s “Cultural Heritage”.

The 21st century Tang West Market has eight business and cultural pillars, including:


Tang West Market Museum

The museum is China’s first private-capital cultural institution collecting, protecting and exhibiting historical heritage. It is constructed directly above the site of the former West Market of the Tang dynasty. The collection of more than 20,000 cultural relics focuses on those from the West Market archaeological site. It also houses the private collection of the museum’s founder, which ranges over 3 000 years from the Shang and Zhou to the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Silk Road Cultural Street

This exiting, international cultural experience spreads through the entire Tang West Market area, showcasing the architecture, customs, history, culture and delicacies of the Silk Road countries.


International Antique Centre

The antique Centre’s Tang-style building brings together antique shops, evaluation centres, auction venues, exhibition galleries and a folk art market within 74,000 m²of commercial space.


Tang West Market Art Gallery

The TWM Art Gallery integrates art exhibition, collection, research,  public education and sales of art derivatives.


Tang West Market Hotel

Offering luxury and beauty in the centre of Xi’an and built on the relics of the Tang dynasty’s Chang’an City, this is the first platinum, 5-star hotel in China.

Intangible Cultural Heritage City

“Intangible Cultural Heritage” refers to the practices, customs, knowledge, skills, objects and cultural spaces that groups recognize as part of their cultural heritage. The TWM Intangible Cultural Heritage City is a platform for acquiring, exhibiting, operating and performing intangible cultural heritage.


West Market Shopping Mall

This shopping complex is the largest, upscale commercial Mall in western China, integrating retail, business, cultural and entertainment services and functions.