Company Profile

The Tang West Market Group brings together diverse organizations and interests active in the cultural industries, including museums, historical sites, tourism and commercial developments throughout China.

Headquartered in the vibrant business centre of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, TWMG employs 2,000 staff, manages assets valued at CNY 40 billion (approx. USD 8 billion) and implements projects throu…


Introducing TWMG Leaders

The Tang West Market Group is led by a visionary, dedicated and experienced team. With assets of CNY 40 billion in developments that combine cultural industries with commercial projects throughout China, the company is committed to the mission of nurturing culture through business and promoting business through culture.…


A celebrated history – the Tang West Market and the Silk Road

“My home, Shaanxi province in China, is the starting point of the Silk Road.” - Xi Jinping, President, People’s Republic of China

The Tang West Market has been at the centre of the ancient Silk Road linking the East and West through commerce over centuries.  It reached its apogee under China’s Tang Dynasty (681—907 AD), the most prosperous and stable period in Chinese history.  The Tang Dynasty…


21st Century Tang West Market

Today’s thriving Tang West Market was built on the restored historical site of the original market.  The initial phases of the TWMG project included careful archaeological exploration. One result was the unearthing of treasures and artefacts from the ancient market. These have been assembled in a museum on the site, providing a unique historical representation of East-West trade over centuries.…