Mr. Lu Jianzhong Meets
March 2nd, Mr. Lu Jianzhong, SRCIC Chairman, CCOIC Vice-Chairman and TWM Chairman meets Mr. Jiang Zengwei, CCPIT and CCOIC Chairman in Beijing.

Mr. Lu thanks Mr. Jiang for his great support to SRCIC and TWM and hopes in the future CCPIT and CCPIC CCOIC can get more involved in SRIIF and other SRCIC events. Mr. Lu also expresses his willingness to take advantage of CCPIT and CCOIC’s international resources to develop more members from chambers of commerce and industry in the Belt and Road countries, and SRCIC will share resources with CCPIT and CCOIC. Meanwhile, Mr. Lu introduces SRCIC projects initiated to echo the China’s strategy of Internet Plus.

Mr. Jiang expresses his welcome for Mr. Lu’s visit, and he also said CCPIT and CCOIC have always respected companies’ voices and are committed to providing professional and pragmatic services to companies. Mr. Jiang highly praises SRCIC initiated by TWM in Hong Kong. He advises SRCIC shall set up its constitution in regulation and plan events with careful consideration, and play an appropriate and effective role.

Attending the meeting are officers from CCPIT and CCOIC, they are Feng Yaoxiang, Director of Development Research Department, Wang Chengjie, Director of Legal Affairs Department, Lei Hong, Deputy Director of International Affairs Department, Sun Jun, Director of Information Center, Liu Zhenhua, Director of Membership Department, as well as Li Zhonghang, SRCIC Secretary-General and TWM CEO.